Basketball is a global sport that is enjoyed by diverse communities across Auckland.  ASBL recognise the large number of people that are willing to support basketball as a volunteer.  However, to date it has been difficult for volunteers to seek or explore voluntary opportunities.  ABSL have established the beginning of what we hope will organically grow and thrive to become a self sustainable initiative that is owned by our community. 

We have developed a number of voluntary positions that would suit the diverse skills and interests of our volunteers.  With the support of our volunteers, ABSL can reach greater audiences, watch over larger crowds, attract a higher number of sponsors, deliver a more coordinated level of fundraisers and perform all those crucial roles that still exist today in and around the basketball court. 

Purpose To embrace our wider community of willing volunteers and further provide easy access to voluntary opportunities.  


  • To engage with new and existing communities  

  • To increase voluntary participation    

  • To enhance the delivery and quality of ABSL services  

  • To reconnect with past players, coaches and managers and offer them a new purpose 


  • Our volunteers feel organised and prepared 

  • Our volunteers Voluntary opportunities are easily accessible  

  • Voluntary roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined and easy to administer  

  • Volunteers are connected with new and existing communities  



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