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FAQ for Rep Eligibility:

To be eligible for reps I need to be a member of an affiliated club, how do I know which clubs are affiliated?

At the point of registration for trials, we will let you know the affiliated clubs in your area – you may already be a member of one. These can be found on the ABSL website HERE

What will it cost to join a club?

There are two types of membership – Affiliated Membership and Participating Member. Affiliated Membership will only cost $10 per year and confirms your affiliation to your Association. Participating Membership will provide you will full access to all the club programmes, which will vary depending on the club.

Will I have to play for my club as well as reps and school?

No. We recognise that while at Secondary School, rep players will probably play most of their basketball at school. In the interests of player loading, we do not want players playing too much basketball. Therefore there is no expectation that players in secondary school basketball programmes will be playing competitive club basketball as well.

Each club will offer a variety of programmes, including summer 3 x 3 leagues etc. that you may choose to join.

Can I play in events outside my Association and still be eligible for reps?

Yes, including playing in other sports, provided the dates and times of these events do not conflict with your rep obligations. We encourage players to be involved with other sports as this will help with all your sport development.

Do I have to play for the Association that my club is affiliated to?

No, you can be a member of any affiliated club in any of Auckland, Counties Manukau or Waitakere West Auckland associations to be eligible to play for one of these associations. This may occur for example if you are a member of a club in one association, but go to school in a different association and choose to play in your school association area. 






The following is an overview of the 2022 U15 and U17 representative programme for Basketball Auckland, Counties Manukau Basketball and Waitakere West Auckland Basketball. 

The programme will commence with three trials, The first of the Association trials will be held during the week of 11 January. To be considered for selection in a squad you will need to attend 2 out of 3 of the Association trials. 

Attendance at the three Association trials is open to everyone. Team selection will be made at the conclusion of the third Association trial.

Following selection, there will be one training session per week, leading to the regional qualifiers in early June and the Nationals in July. The dates for these are not yet confirmed.

During the training period, there will be compulsory tournaments to provide squads with exposure to tournament play. The tournament dates will be confirmed as part of the Super City planning underway with the other Zone 1 Associations.

To be eligible for selection you will need to be a member of a club that is affiliated to your association. This will be confirmed when you sign up for the trials and if necessary, you can join a club during sign up. Check with your club, we will be collaborating with clubs across Auckland to be involved in our programmes and affiliating with their associations.


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Representative Association Contacts:

For all representative team queries please contact:

Bevan Murray (Performance & Pathways Manager) bevan@absl.basketball


Olita Alai (Leagues & Tournaments Officer) olita@absl.basketball