The below list of players have been invited to the upcoming U15 & U17 Talent Development Camps in August (8-9 August). 

The focus of the National Talent Programme Camps is to introduce participants to the preparation, performance and evaluation required at a national level. The programme is for national level athletes and those who demonstrate the potential to reach that level. All aspiring coaches, referees and support staff also have an opportunity to be involved.

Basketball New Zealand’s network of coaches including national junior team, regional and association coaches identify and select players for this programme based on their performance and potential demonstrated at camps, tournaments and during development activities. 

  • Rikki Fiatau

  • SophiaHerewini

  • AlannahHughes

  • JadaManase

  • TheresaNgata

  • RhyannonPoto

  • Sharne Pupuke-Robati

  • Riannah Rangi-Brown

  • Teneva Ropati

  • AriaTodd-Pemerika

  • Elianna Tuaiti

  • Tyla Tuala

  • Moanekah Va'ai

  • Elijah Andrews

  • LeRoy Brown

  • Luke Kelemete

  • Sairaj Kuvelkar

  • David Lavea-Gatoloai

  • Jack Morrison

  • Randy Sjafrie

  • Paina Slade

  • Jordan Upu

  • Blake Van Uden

  • Thomas Whyte

  • Marvin Williams-Dunn

  • Ruaini Winitana

  • Harry Young

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