U15, U17 and U19 Super City Basketball Competition Underway

Representative Season

Over the weekend the U15, U17 and U19 Boys and Girls Super City Competition began.  Teams from Waitakere West Auckland Basketball (WWABi), Counties Manukau (CMBB) and Basketball Auckland (BA) will compete in the competition as a lead up to the national qualifiers. The U19s competition will act as the national qualifiers tournament, while the U15 and U17 qualifiers will take place over Queens Birthday Weekend. All ABSL teams will play on a Saturday over a 3 week period against other associations vying for a spot in the National Championships. Teams from Franklin, Waikato, Coast, Te Tai Tokerau and Harbour will give our ABSL teams tough challenges. Games involving fellow ABSL associations will also provide a great opportunity to see Auckland’s top young prospects compete against each other.  This year some changes were made as teams will play two games in one day. Phoenix League teams are also involved in the U15 and U17 Boys Division 2 competition. This is a great developmental opportunity for all players on the fringe of being selected into ABSL representative teams. All teams also get to play in their home court at least once and show their supporters what they have been working hard on in practice.

In the first couple of rounds all teams have played hard and have made their coaches proud. There are 30 ABSL teams involved in this competition, so it is a great chance to witness all of Auckland’s best young players during the next couple of weeks. Make sure you come out to the games and support your team! An update of all ABSL team’s results will be posted up weekly.


U15 Girls Competition: U17 Girls Competition:

U15 WWABi Girls U17 CMBB Girls

U15 CMBB Girls U17 WWABi Girls

U15 BA Girls U19 CMBB Girls

U19 WWABi Girls

U15 Boys Competition Division 1: U15 Boys Competition Division 2:

U15 BA A U15 BA B

U15 WWABi B U15 Southside Juniors

U15 CMBB Red U15 Central United

U15 WWABi Prems U15 WWABi Blue Junior Rangers

U15 CMBB B U15 WWABi Green Junior Rangers

U17 Boys Competition Division 1: U17 Boys Competition Division 2:


U17 WWABi Prems U17 Tiger Blasterz Junior Rangers

U17 BA A U17 Central United

U17 WWABi B U17 Southside


U19 Boys Competition:

U19 BA A

U19 BA B



ABSL teams results of first two rounds:

U15 Girls: U17 Girls:

WWABi 70 - 37 Harbour B CMBB U17 84 - 9 WWABi U17

CMBB 62 - 14 Franklin CMBB U19 84 - 9 Harbour B

WWABi 62 - 35 CMBB WWABi U17 79 - 26 Harbour B

BA 64 - 24 Harbour C WABi U19 49 - 37 Harbour U19 A

WWABi U19 85 - 15 Franklin

U15 Boys Division 1: U15 Boys Division 2:

BA A 77 - 18 WWABi B BA B 69 - 22 Franklin Yellow

CMBB Red 61 - 18 Coast A BA B 56 - 9 Harbour U14 B

WWABi B 47 - 31 Coast A Southside 59 - 22 Coast B

BA A 67 - 40 Harbour B Southside 29 - 44 Harbour Heat

WWABi Prems 90 - 26 CMBB B Central United 25 - 48 Harbour U14 A

CMBB B 48 - 44 Franklin WWABi Blue JR 39 - 34 Harbour Kings

Central United 52 - 26 WWABi Blue JR

U17 Boys Division 1: U17 Boys Division 2:

CMBB A 46 - 48 Waikato BA B 80 - 43 Harbour 23

WWABi Prems 74 - 43 Franklin BA B 76 - 29 Franklin

CMBB 47 - 43 WWABi Prems Tiger Blasterz 68 - 28 Harbour Bulls

BA A 57 - 51 Coast A Central United 45 - 34 Harbour Vikings

WWABi B 30 - 72 Harbour B Southside 46 - 27 Harbour Sunset

CMBB B 49 - 29 Southside

U19 Boys:

BA 54 - 15 TTTBA

CMBB 55 - 74 Harbour A

WWABi 47 - 67 Harbour V

BA B 75 - 17 Harbour B

WWABi 123 - 23 Harbour B

BA B 25 - 82 Harbour V

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