U13 Supercity Competition Quarterfinals Results


All nine U13 ABSL teams played again over the past weekend in the quarterfinals of the Supercity Competition. All teams performed well and showcased their skills at Auckland Grammar. CMBB U13 girls learned from last week's tough loss to Coast and bounced back to beat Franklin Basketball by a huge margin. The result puts them in 4th place on the ladder and in contention for a finals spot. Great efforts and energy was displayed through all games as six of our U13 boy's teams played against each other to determine their final placings in the competition. 

Only three teams could be victorious as CMBB Celtics, WWABi Prems and WWABi A's came away with the win against BA U13 A, CMBB Spurs and BA U13 B respectively. The three teams who lost should be proud of their efforts as they did not give up and played hard until the final buzzer. The other two ABSL teams had a win and a loss as CMBB Warriors picked up a great win over Harbour Supersonics and CMBB U12's losing to Harbour Hotshots. It was a great day for the players as they learn and gain experience from another week of representative basketball. All teams will train hard for this weekend as semi finals take place at Allan Brewster Leisure Centre.

Full Results of Quarterfinals:

Boy's competition:

CMBB Celtics 58-21 BA U13 A

CMBB Spurs 36-51 WWABi Prems

CMBB Warriors 45-29 Harbour Supersonics

CMBB U12 32-56 Harbour Hotshots

BA U13 B 37-51 WWABi A

Girl's competition:

CMBB 90-15 Franklin

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