U13 Supercity Basketball Competition Underway

Representative Season

Two weeks ago the U13 representative season started for all ABSL teams as the Supercity Basketball Competition went underway. Nine ABSL teams are part of this great development competition, with four boy’s teams from Counties Manukau, two teams from Waitakere West and two teams from Auckland competing weekly. Counties Manukau U13 girls are the only ABSL team competing in the girl’s competition, who are in one pool alongside the other competing teams. All boy’s teams are split into four pools and play against each other over the course of the season. The teams face challenges against other associations such as Harbour, Coast, Franklin and Waikato. The venues for this competition are great and include AUT North Shore Campus Stadium, Trusts Stadium and Breakers Courts which have definitely motivated the players. They have had a feel of playing on the big stage which will benefit them as they go up through the representative system.

All teams have competed well, played hard and have shown great skills during their first two games. The Counties Manukau U13 girls have gotten off to a great start with two wins against Harbour B and Franklin Basketball, which shows the hard work in training paying off. The boy’s competition has had a mixed bag of results. However, the way each team has played has made each coach under ABSL’s associations proud of their efforts. As the competition progresses, an update of every round will be posted up.

ABSL Teams:

CMBB Warriors U13 Boys

CMBB Celtics U13 Boys

CMBB Spurs U13 Boys

CMBB U12 Boys

WWABi U13 A Boys

WWABi U13 Prems

BA U13 A Boys

BA U13 B Boys

Full results of first two rounds:

Round 1: Boys Competition

CMBB Warriors U13 Boys 30 - 83 Harbour A U13 Boys

CMBB Celtics U13 Boys 65 - 16 Harbour Rockets

CMBB Spurs U13 Boys 51 - 34 Harbour Hotshots

WWABi U13 A Boys 40 - 54 Waikato

WWABi U13 Prems 68 - 13 CMBB U12 Boys

BA U13 B Boys 31 - 61 Harbour B U13 Boys

BA U13 A Boys 30 - 24 Coast A

Round 1: Girls Competition

CMBB U13 Girls 53 – 12 Harbour B

Round 2: Boys Competition

CMBB Warriors U13 Boys 38 – 22 Harbour Rockets

CMBB Celtics U13 Boys 39 – 45 Harbour A U13 Boys

WWABi U13 A Boys 45 – 58 Harbour B U13 Boys

WWABi Prems 58 – 33 Harbour B U13 Boys

BA U13 B Boys 73 – 26 CMBB U12 Boys

BA U13 A Boys 71 – 10 Harbour Supersonics

Round 2 Girls Competition:

CMBB U13 Girls 90 – 15 Franklin U13 Girls

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