Supercity Competition Finals Results


Over the weekend the finals of the Supercity Competition were held at the Norths Shore Events Centre. All of our nine teams competed well and gave it their all in their final game of the competition. It was a great day overall as supporters from all over Auckland, Franklin and Waikato came to support the players. Five of our teams won their games while the other four played in hard fought losses.

In the girl’s competition CMBB U13 played in the 3rd/4th place final in a back and forth game against Harbour A. The girls gave it 100% but unfortunately could not come away with the win against a tough Harbour outfit. A disappointing end to a great competition but the girl’s will be motivated to train harder and improve as the Northern Zone Championships looms up.

In the boy’s finals five of our eight ABSL teams came away with wins, which definitely gives them a huge boost of confidence heading into their next games. The other three teams should be proud of their efforts as they lost to better teams on the day. The teams who suffered losses were CMBB U12, WWABi A and CMBB Celtics. Each of the teams played in the 15/16th, 11th/12th and 1/2nd place finals against Harbour Rockets, Harbour Hotshots and Harbour A respectively. All teams, especially CMBB Celtics should hold their heads up high as they were the only ABSL team to reach the competition final and empty their gas tanks attempting to take down Harbour’s best team.     

The teams who finished their Supercity campaign on a positive note were WWABi Prems, CMBB Spurs, CMBB Warriors, BA U13 A’s and BA U13 B’s. Each team did ABSL proud as they beat Harbour B, Waikato, Coast, Franklin and Harbour Supersonics respectively.  The competition was a great experience for all players as they will continue to develop and improve individually, but most importantly as a team. All the teams will still be training hard as Northern Zone Championships will be starting up in a few weeks.  A special thanks to all the parents and supporters who came out to all the games. the competition would not be a success without you guys.

Full results of Finals:

Boy’s Competition

Final - 1st/2nd Place:

CMBB Celtics 38-57 Harbour A

3rd/4th Place:

WWABi Prems 51-39 Harbour B

5th/6th Place:

BA U13 A 39-36 Franklin

7th/8th Place:

CMBB Spurs 74-53 Waikato

9/10th Place:

CMBB Warriors 48-44 Coast

11th/12th Place:

WWABi A 33-53 Harbour Hotshots

13th/14th Place:

BA U13 B 27-14 Harbour Supersonics

15th/16th Place:

CMBB U12 30-54 Harbour Rockets

Girl’s Competition:

3rd/4th Place:

CMBB 22-28 Harbour A 

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