BBNZ intends to hold a 2020 Secondary Schools ‘A’ and ‘AA’ National tournament in Palmerston North in the first week of the third term holidays. However, with the cancellation of all qualification tournaments (Premierships) there needs to be an alternate method of qualifying.

The decision to cancel the Premierships was made to allow local competitions to take priority throughout the third school term, so nationwide players could recommence their participation in local basketball. Any qualification process must not be to the detriment of these local competitions.

Feedback to both BBNZ and School Sport New Zealand has, for the most part, been positive around the want for a Secondary Schools National tournament. However with the Covid-19 outbreak having a negative effect on the economy; BBNZ, School Sport NZ, local basketball associations and schools are in an agreement that any qualification process should not add another layer of cost to schools and/or families.

Taking into account the above parameters, qualification will be via regional or local competitions, not the traditional zonal premiership structure. This allows schools to play and qualify locally without adding an extra layer of cost or travel and without causing disruption to their local competition. The spots allocated to each region for the ‘AA’ and the process for the ‘A’ are below. Qualification Processes & Due Dates

‘AA’ 1. The qualification process will be agreed by each ‘sub-zones’ organising committee, RSD and local basketball associations.  Where there is no agreement, BBNZ and School Sport NZ will decide. 2. The agreed process must be submitted to BBNZ no later than Friday July 3rd. 3. The RSD and local basketball associations must advise BBNZ, the teams that have qualified and with their seeding (where necessary) no later than Sunday August 23rd.

‘A'  1. Teams must apply via a registration form confirming their intention to attend. Registrations will close on Sunday August 23rd. 2. From the teams that apply, BBNZ will assess where each team was placed at the 2019 National Championships and other relevant competitions and will select teams to attend. 3. APPLY HERE 

Tournament Details and Allocation To further reduce costs, the Secondary Schools National tournament for both ‘A’ and ‘AA’ will be reduced in size and therefore days: 1. for ‘AA’ this means each zone will lose 1 spot for a reduced tournament with a total of 20 boys and 20 girls teams to attend; 2. for ‘A’ this means 8 boys and 8 girls teams will compete.

The total maximum number of teams is now 56 (normally 72).

‘AA’ National tournament – Palmerston North

1. 5 day tournament

2. Tuesday 29th September – Saturday 3rd October (first week of holidays)

‘A’ National tournament – Palmerston North

1. 3 day tournament

2. Tuesday 29th September – Thursday 1st October (first week of holidays)

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