School Series Coaching Clinics

ABSL are hosting a series of coaching clinics to help grow the game of basketball in Schools,  the series will be held at 2 separate venues and will cover Fun and innovative ways to improve fun and get kids to love coming to training and learn to love the game.

The clinics will be at One Tree Hill and Rutherford College and will cover dribbling, shooting and Ice Breaker games to start training on the right foot.

One Tree Hill College Clinic

Sunday 13th November

3 pm - 4:30 pm

One Tree Hill College

Cost: $5

This session will focus on ways to get kids to dribble and have various level of difficulty, Fun games to help grow understanding about using the correct form in dribble and how to dribble in pressure situation.

All Attendee's will have a drill hand out for this clinic with the drills provided.

Rutherford College Clinic

Sunday 20th November

3pm - 4:30pm

Rutherford College

Cost: $5

This session will be focusing on reinforcing correct shooting form and teaching stages of kids learning how to shoot and layup. We will also include fun competitive drills to make training competitive with an aspect of fun.

To register for the clinic click the link below and fill out the form


We also welcome Coaches to bring their own kids to demonstrate these drills, just let us know in the registration link if you are planning on bringing your son / daughter.

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