Northern Zone Championships

The Northern Zone Championship is the new qualification process for teams attempting to qualify for the Basketball New Zealand National tournaments.

It is based on a bracket system, a new and innovative way to establish which teams will represent the Northern Zone at the National tournaments. The system is quicker and far more cost effective than the traditional premiership tournament models and still achieves the same outcomes of finding the teams nad their seedings for Nationals.

How the bracket works:

- Only 8 teams are involved in the bracket at each given age group.

- Each BBNZ affiliated association in the Northern Zone is given the right to enter 1 team in the bracket.

The current associations being:

1) Auckland

2) Counties Manukau

3) Hibiscus Coast

4) North Harbour

5) Te Tai Tokerau

6) West Auckland Waitakere

The remaining 2 teams in the bracket are the top 2 teams from the Division 2 Super City competition from the respective grades. This allows second teams from any association an opportunity to qualify for Nationals.

If an association chooses not to enter the bracket the next planed team from Division 2 is offered a position until the bracket is full.

The bracket is seeded 1-8 with seeding coming from the Super City competition. If a team/association doesn’t enter the Super City competition they will take the highest available seeding, i.e. if TTT are unable to enter Super City they will take the 6th seed in the bracket if the other 5 associations entered and work out who is seeds 1-5. Winner of Division 2 will be seed 7, second seed 8.

The bracket gives everyone 2 lives. If you win round 1 you move to the right of the bracket and play off for National seeding spots 1-4. If you lose in round 1 you move to the left and have to win 2 games to gain the 5th qualifying spot.

Tournament Date:

- U15 U17 U19 will be held on May 3rd – 4th

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