Mexicali Summer Jam- Week 1 Review

This Recap was written by Mike Lacey,

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The Breakers Development team ran into a road jam that was 68A Nelson Street in the fourth quarter of the opening game of the 2016 Mexicali Fresh Summer Jam. The Breakers led 76-75 entering the final period but could only muster 15 points in the final ten minutes going down 100-91.

Earlier Jordan Ngatai, the only senior player in the Breakers lineup, scored the first five points for the hosts as they opened an early lead. Lindsay Tait and Marco Alexander began finding holes in the Breakers defence and a typical Tait drive tied the scored at 18 apiece.

Ngatai and Dan Fotu drew fouls late in the period to work their way to the foul line and take Breakers to a 32-22 quarter time lead.

Linus Jakzst in transition and Dillon Boucher in the paint reduced the Breakers advantage. Cruz Perrot-Hunt landed a three but Liam Thornton responded with a trey of his own for Nelson St.

A couple of Hyrum Harris buckets reduced the lead to 41-39 before Waardenburg provided a highlight dunk down the lane.

Tyler Kerlin tied the scores at 45 apiece, Boucher taking Nelson St ahead for the first time in the game although a James Moors bucket gave Breakers a 50-49 half-time lead.

Nelson St opened the second with an 8-0 run – six of them to Jakzst -before Letoa initiated a response from the Breakers.

The Westlake point guard began a threes barrage as he and Thomas Whyte landed from long range for Breakers and Daniel Green and Tait did likewise for Nelson St.

A couple of Fotu baskets edged Breakers to that single figure three-quarter lead before the Nelson St outfit took command in the final period – Thornton and Jakzst combining well with their more experienced colleagues to seal the win.

Final score:

68A Nelson Street 100 – Tait 23, Alexander 18, Thornton 16, Jakzst 14, Harris 10

Breakers Development 91 – Ngatai 22, Waardenburg 18, Fotu 16, Letoa 14, Perrott-Hunt 7, Cam Stone 7

Justin Bailey will lead the Birdmen but due to his Breakers team management commitments he was unavailable for their Mexicali Fresh Summer Jam opening game against Mai FM 88 Sixers on Saturday.

Jaylen Gerrand filled the void in style scoring a week one high 37 points to ease the Sixers to a comfortable 94-86 win against the Birdmen.

Both teams were missing key players but it was the Sixers that started the strongest forging an 18-15 lead.

That was turned around late in the first as Ana Haku landed a couple of corner threes to take Mai FM 88 Sixers to a 23-20 first quarter advantage.

Gerrand had the hot hands in the second scoring inside and out as the Birdmen moved to a 38-29 lead.

Brandon Lucas, a graduate from East Central University, Oklahoma, was also showing some nice scoring touch for the Birdmen and his match up with Haku was interesting to watch.

Guard Chris McIntosh knocked down a jump shot on the half-time buzzer that kept the Sixers in touch, 40-39, behind at the interval. Gerrand led all scorers with 23 points, Haku 19 points for the Sixers.

Forward Alex Schipper threw down a dunk for the Birdmen but a brace of Haku threes and inside baskets from Patrice Bolstad and Johnny Fesolai plus transition points from Manny Matabanadzo took the Sixers to a six point lead before the Birdmen took flight.

The back end of the third was one way traffic in favour of the Birdmen, their scoring surge highlighted by three consecutive threes from Lucas – 71-64 at three-quarter time.

Nick Barrow and Bolstad wheeled away inside for the Sixers but Gerrand and the support cast of Tipene Friday and the Aruwa brothers held all the answers in the fourth.

Final score;

The Birdmen 94 – Gerrand 37, Lucas 22, Sam Aruwa 11, Samson Aruwa 10, Friday 8

Mai FM 88 Sixers 86 – Haku 28, Matabanadzo 17, Bolstad 10, Barrow 9, Lacey 8, McIntosh 8

The Women’s competition begins next Saturday, November 5th.

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