Introducing: The Pulman Busing Project

This initiative aims to deliver Kiwi Hoops in-schools basketball by providing transport to a centralised venue for schools. With two schools engaged in the project this is a promising start.

So far, Kauri Flats and Papakura Normal have joined the project with their Year 7-8 students. The project takes place across four weeks with weekly one hour sessions at the Pulman Arena.

Here's what each weekly session looks like:

Week 1 Focus Basic Fundamentals 2 courts 4 stations 15 minute rotation 

Week 2: Focus Basic Fundamentals - Introduction to Game concepts 2 courts 4 stations 10 minute sessions Game concepts 15 minutes Court 1 Yr 5/6 Bob Biggilow's SideLine Basketball Court 2 Yr 7/8 as above

Week 3: Focus Fundamentals Warm up ALL Game Concepts 15 minutes warm-up 30 minutes Game concepts Build up: 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 Last 15 minutes: Game

Week 4:  1. 3 x 3 rotation = 8 teams playing 2. 5 x 5 rotation = 4 teams playing

Coaching Staff: Coach Patrick Coach Jada Coach Sophia Coach Akita Volunteer Coach Jay - Legacy Basketball Club/CMBB rep coach

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