BBNZ Kiwi Hoops Coaching Course

Kiwi Hoops Coaching Course for Coaches

Presenter - Aik Ho – BBNZ Tall Ferns Assistant Coach and ABSL Development Manager

Maungakiekie Basketball Club in conjunction with ABSL and One Tree Hill College will be hosting the Kiwi Hoops Course. Basketball New Zealand’s Kiwi Hoops Coaching programme is designed for anyone new to coaching with a focus on primary and Intermediate school aged players (5-13) in schools, cluband associations. It is a user friendly introduction to basic coaching with a focus on helping to provide fun and participation for young players.


Kiwi Hoops coaching course incorporates three stages with modules that cover the key competencies for coaching young children in the primary and intermediate school space.

Key Competencies:

• Injury Prevention and Management

• Communicating effectively in the foundation space

• Planning and implementing a beginners coaching session

• Delivery of a fun experience for young players

• Basketball skills

Registrations are open and will close Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Time: 10am-3pm

Date: 11 November 2017

Venue: One Tree Hill College Old Gym – Rockfield Road entrance

Cost: $50

To register for the Course please fill out form on link below:

Kiwi Hoops Course Registration Link

Or contact: Aik Ho on 021 555504  or email: aik@absl.co.nz


• Meet and Greet introductions and outline for the day

• Kiwi Hoops Module 1 & 2

• Lunch

• Kiwi Hoops Module 3 & 4

• Review and Final Messages

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