Balance is Better: The Angst & Urgency of Talent Development

The Angst & Urgency of Talent Development

Developing talent is a complex journey for both player and coach. Founder of TOVO Academy & regular PDP contributor, Todd Beane discusses the dangers of looking into the past for answers to contemporary coaching challenges.

As I write I am reading the introductory pages to Head Strong by Dave Asprey, which explores our capacity to maximise our brain’s potential. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Although my wife suggests from time to time that I do not have considerable substance between the ears, why not take full use of what little marmalade remains in the cranium. Apparently mitochondria matter. Continue Reading

Dream It and Achieve It: Zoe & Jayden Fleming

Elette Fleming, proud mum to two of New Zealand’s exciting young BMX talents Zoe and Jayden Fleming, reflects on the importance of being a supportive parent and, above all, giving our kids life skills.

Elette remembers the day her life took a new course. “Jayden was at primary school and came home with this piece of paper. ‘Come along to East City BMX,’ it said. ‘First night free’.  The first night was free, Elette says, but the note failed to mention everything from that night on would change their family life forever! Continue Reading

How do I help develop a physically mature young player?

The question this week comes from David:

“How can I help develop a physically mature young player? Watch Now

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