Auckland v South Challenge

ABSL is excited to announce the 2014 Auckland v South Challenge

This game will be played on Tuesday, 16th December at Auckland University, tip off at 7.30pm. FREE ENTRY.

The Auckland Team is formed of players that were born in the greater Auckland area (Super City). 

Coached by NZ basketball legend Benny Anthony

  • Reuben Te Rangi: 2014-15 NZ Breakers, NZ Tall Blacks

  • Duane Bailey: 2014-15 NZ Breakers

  • Houston O'Riley: 2014 Super City Rangers

  • Nick Barrow: 2014 Waikato Pistons

  • Patrich Bolstad: 2014 Super City Rangers

  • Ana Haku: 2015 Hawkes Bay Hawks

  • Shea Ili: 2014-15 NZ Breakers

  • Lindsay Tait: 2014 Wellington Saints, NZ Tall Blacks

The South Team is full of players from everywhere South of Auckland

Coach: Jeff Green: Super City Rangers (Waikato)

  • Dillon Boucher: 2015 Super City Rangers, NZ Breakers, NZ Tall Blacks (Taranaki)

  • Pauli Henare: NZ Breakers, NZ Tall Blacks (Napier)

  • Hayden Allen: 2015 Super City Rangers, NZ Breakers, NZ Tall Blacks (Otago)

  • Derone Rukawa: 2014 Manawatu Jets (Tauranga)

  • Jordan Ngatai: 2014-15 NZ Breakers (Wellington)

  • Morgan Natanahira: 2014 Southland Sharks, NZ Breakers (Queenstown)

  • Josh Bloxham: 2014 Nelson Sharks, NZ Breakers, NZ Tall Blacks (Christchurch)

  • Puke Lenden: 2014 Southland Sharks (Napier)

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