ADVISORY - Counties-Manukau Basketball status

Last night Counties-Manukau Basketball was made aware their Incorporated Society status was not current.

We have since learnt the reason for this lapse. The accounts weren’t approved within the usual time due to the disruption of the 2020 COVID-19 environment and the Counties-Manukau Basketball AGM being postponed - it appears the financial documents were not then submitted. We have now sought to fix this immediately.

The required accounts are now lodged with the Societies Office and we are assured the incorporated status will be restored very soon.

To be clear, there is no requirement for the three Associations – Waitakere-West Auckland Basketball, Basketball Auckland and Counties-Manukau Basketball – to be registered charities. As part of the ABSL shared-service agreement, ABSL oversee funding applications, bank accounts and accounting functions for the three Associations and it holds the necessary (current) charitable status for that.

Chief Executive, Rob Wakelin, who was appointed in January this year, says that while ABSL along with Counties-Manukau Basketball, Waitakere-West Auckland Basketball and Basketball Auckland have like many other sporting organisations gone through a tough period, he remains very confident in the sustainability of ABSL and continued delivery and improvement of basketball services in Auckland.

“We are going through a period of change right now in order to rebuild after the challenges the organisations have faced in the past years before my arrival. A lot of work has already gone into our new strategy and we are setting a direction to increase opportunities for our members.

“We are on the cusp of rolling out a streamlined and improved model, to deliver more equitable opportunities by delivering in localised spaces and places as an alternative to more expensive indoor facilities. Our plans also include improving the game and tournament experience we deliver, and introducing improved systems to capture and develop local talent - playing, coaching, officiating and volunteers. Our current focus is on creating an efficient and effective team, and partnering with key bodies in the sector to deliver our plans.

“While we put all this in place, we are continuing to be supported by very valued funders and commercial and other partners. While the post-COVID environment remains very challenging, our financial position has improved and our three shareholder associations are continuing to offer great leagues and events. We are heartened that we continue to see fantastic participation and support – our Term Two leagues are at capacity for the coming term. Thank you to all the participants and supporters.”

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