ABSL Rep Clinic Series

ABSL are hosting a series of coaching clinics to help grow the game of basketball, the series will be held at 2 separate venues and will cover a whole range of topics from some of New Zealand best coaches to share ideas and drill that have developed athletes to play internationally.

The clinics will be at Otahuhu and Unitec in Mt Albert, these clinics will be themed and have different content for each clinic.

Otahuhu Offensive Clinic

Saturday 8th October

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Otahuhu Recreation Centre

This session will focus on offensive principles and to pass on drills that will help game understanding of offensive skills, Starting with Quick dribbling drills to start every session with to get efficient drill to get all players moving and learning, Moving on the Tall Black Lindsay Tait session on using screens and some of his tips on Ball Handling off a Pick and Roll.

Auckland Grammar Head Coach Manu Hoque will be going over some of his principles in transition and learning how to score in a hurry.

Unitec Defensive Clinic

Saturday 15th October

1pm - 4pm

Unitec Gym, Mt Albert

This clinic is solely around defense and principles that have made teams become defensive minded and focused on stopping teams from scoring,

Rosmini Head Coach Dave Mackay will be in going through the trend he has seen in his international coaching career, he will be touching on closing out and helpside defense.

New Zealand U17 Womens Coach Jody Cameron will be imparting knowledge from her career as both player and coach and what she uses in international competition to limit offenses and getting into the subject of using Zone Defense to shake an offense.

We will also be working on transition defense and then MIT Lecture Jaron Kung will be explaining exercises and strength and conditioning in season for defensive explosiveness.

The course is free but is limited to 50 coaches so get in quick to lock in your spot.

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