Club Affiliation Procedure

Affiliation of clubs provides a structure that supports a more consistent delivery of quality basketball to our community, It enables your Association, with ABSL, to support clubs in your development, promotion, and participation. 

In addition to formally being part of your Association, be it Basketball Auckland, Counties Manukau Basketball or Waitakere West Auckland Basketball, there are specific benefits to affiliation:

  • Access to association delivered coach, referee and player basketball development opportunities.

  • Support for your club capability, including standard club management processes, membership systems, compliance needs.

  • Support with funding, either through helping clubs with your funding applications or making funding applications on your behalf.

  • Eligibility for players to be involved in association representative teams, and the Basketball New Zealand player pathways.

  • Reduced costs to participate in events and programmes (for example holiday programmes, master classes etc.)

Affiliation Process

  1. At any time, a Club makes a request to the local Association to be affiliated. This request is made in writing using a standard form that will be available.

  2. ABSL will confirm that all the required information is completed and provide the application to the Association for confirmation.

  3. You will be notified as soon as the Association has considered and confirmed your request for affiliation.

Criteria for Affiliation

The Association Board will consider the following in confirming affiliation: 

  1. Representation of a unique community of interest that is not already being served by an existing affiliated club. This can be defined by:

    1. Location (e.g. Papakura)

    2. Ethnicity (e.g. Filipino people in east Auckland)

    3. Religion

    4. Age group (e.g. a club make focus just on adults only where the current clubs )

    5. Gender identity (e.g. girls in Waitakere)

    6. Disability

 or otherwise, that is not already represented by an existing Club

  1. Acceptance of core policies – Child Protection, Health and Safety, and Good Sports. 

  2. Acceptance of Codes of Conduct for Players, Coaches and Officials, who will be members of the Club. These codes of conduct are included in the our core policies and will be made available to you.

  3. People identified who will run and develop the Club, this may include paid staff and volunteers

  4. Sufficient interest from people in the community to participant as players in the club, including interest to be involved in local leagues and events.

  5. Commitment to participate in the leagues and events provided by or endorsed by the Association. 

  6. Commitment to positively promote the Association and its delivery of basketball.


Association Responsibilities to Affiliated Clubs

The Association has a number of responsibilities to clubs. Some of these are delivered directly by the Association, others will be delivered by ABSL on behalf of the Association:

  1. Support your club’s administration and capability. This includes providing clubs with a  standard set of club regulations and procedures.

  2. Provide a membership system to support the clubs membership management.

  3. Invite clubs to participate in all Association delivered and endorsed events and leagues.

Affiliated Clubs and their Members will attract a discount to participate in Association activities.

  1. Support basketball development in your club through coaching and referee programmes to volunteers. 

  2. Support your clubs capability, this includes administration process, governance and organisation as needed.

  3. Provide advice and procedures to source funding. This may include actively applying for funding on behalf of your club, helping clubs identify and source local funds, and promoting  clubs to funders . The focus for club funding is with funding from local businesses , community fundraising and local community trusts. 

  4. Identify and invite eligible players to trial for Association Representative squads.

Club Responsibilities

Affiliated clubs have the following responsibilities.

  1. Adhere to core Regulations, including  – Child Protection, Health and Safety, and Good Sports.

These will be provided to your club and are designed to provide a safe, positive basketball experience to all participants.

  1. Maintain a register of Members through the registration membership system provided by the Association. Members include players, coaches and other volunteers.

  2. Recognise the two types of player membership available:

  1. Participating Membership. This a regular club member who participants in your club activities - club nights, leagues, development programmes, and other club events.

  2. Affiliated Membership. This provides only Affiliation to the Association and is primarily for secondary school players who will be playing all their basketball through their school and require club membership to be affiliated to their Association.

  1. Promote leagues, events and other participation opportunities to your Members that are provided by or endorsed by the Association.

  2. Collaborate with the Association on funding applications to ensure we maximises the funding opportunities across the region. 

  3. Positively promote the Association and other affiliated clubs.

  4. Participate in the Club Council.

Costs of Affiliation

The costs to affiliate is $10 per member per year. This cost applies whether the memberships is as a participating or affiliated member. For Participating Members your club will add your usual club fees in addition to this annual membership fee.

Discounts will be provided to all Affiliated organisations, Members of Affiliated organisations and Affiliated Referees and Coaches to participate in Association delivered events. These discounts will be set to more than compensate for the affiliation fee.