Auckland Basketball Services - ABS

Founded in 2012 by Basketball Auckland (BA) and Counties Manukau Basketball (CMBB) through a collaborative partnership agreement.  ABS is a limited liability company set up to deliver shared basketball services across the region.  The new entity would build on the strengths of each association, share resources and ensure that more resources were invested in to front line services - improved services & support for schools, coaches, officials, basketball leagues and basketball players.  In addition, a key priority - to satisfy the huge demand and significant potential in a region with a growing youth population.  In 2013, the company was registered as a Charitable Company (CC48853) and in 2016 Waitakere West Auckland Basketball joined ABS adding further strength to the organisation.  The amalgamation of the three associations (holding equal shares in ABS) now provides a strong, united voice for our basketball communities.

ABS Vision - Basketball in the heart of every Auckland neighbourhood
ABS Mission - Growing participation, enabling pathways and strengthening our community through basketball
ABS Values
  • He Tangata:  People come first.

  • Whanaungatanga: We relate, we belong.

  • Kotahitanga:  Unity is strength.

  • Manaakitanga: Foster trust, build respect.

  • Awhinatia: Serve the game

ABS Strategic Pillars
  • Participation

    • Clubs ​

    • Community

    • Accessibility

  • Development

    • Players​

    • Coaches & Officials

    • Volunteers

  • Structure

    • Associations​

    • Courts & Hoops

    • Technology

  • Leadership

    • Culture​

    • Sustainability

    • Accountability