Help us shape the Colin Maiden Park Precinct Masterplan for the good of basketball!


As you know we have a major capacity issues for basketball venues in Auckland. Key members of the basketball community have been working hard to discuss with Auckland Council ways in which it can help basketball overcome this shortage and secure additional courts to enable the sport to continue to grow. A recent report has confirmed that there is a serious shortage of basketball courts that are limiting the sports ability to hold competitions and events and to cater for significant growth in demand for basketball in Auckland.

As part of that process, Colin Maiden Park has been identified as one of the few remaining central locations in Auckland where a major indoor multi-sport facility could be located.

The Orakei Ward of Auckland Council has produced a Master Plan that sets out the potential design options for the development of Colin Maiden Park. The exciting news is that 2 of the 3 options make provision for a much needed large indoor multi-sport facility that could be used by basketball to overcome the serious court shortages that it is facing. CLICK HERE to view the Master Plan. These 2 scenarios have provision for 12 indoor courts!! which would enable the growth we desire for basketball at all levels.

How you can help us?:

This is where we need your support in 2 easy steps! We need a strong collective voice as a basketball community with large numbers to show how much we need this.


Firstly: We need you to complete the simple online submission. It will only take 2 minutes!

Secondly: We need you to forward this on to all your contacts who care about the growth of basketball and the work going on to make this happen.

We are in support of Scenario 2 for the following reasons: (feel free to copy these in the submission)

  • Access to 12 basketball courts which will allow for the growth of the sport from Primary through to adult levels on a weekly basis.

  • Ability for us to host National basketball tournaments in Auckland every year.

  • Increase space to develop the sport by having a base for player trainings, coach and referee education.

CLICK HERE to complete your submission

Please don’t ignore this, it only takes 2 minutes and would make the world of difference to basketball in Auckland.

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