WBC Tournament One

Written by Mike Lacey: Laceylowdown.com

Standout Auckland Counties Manukau Lady Hawks point guard Jordan Hunter put on a point guard clinic in the win against Waitakere Lady Rangers at the WBC tournament on Sunday.

The Hawks won 70-50 and Hunter put together a stats line any player would be proud of -25 points/10 assists/ 7 rebounds/4 steals.

I spoke to Hunter after her outstanding performance and first of all asked her about the team effort.

“I think our team is still getting used to each other, today we adjusted really well. Waitakere is a great team and they have a lot of young players that know how to play and we have some ‘oldies’ that have just come back into it so I think we did well in terms of playing together and staying composed against an energetic team.”

Q It looks as if the Hawks have one of the more mobile teams, particularly at guard, do you agree?

“Yeah, they are all individually athletic, we have two Touch National players in our team (Maia Jean Watene and Lorelei Nathan), so they help us. I think we all feed of each other and learn from each other in terms of moving together as one.”

Q I don’t want to make you blush but you were close to a triple double today – what were your thoughts on your own performance?

A typically modest Hunter replied.

"Oh no I just give credit to my team. I’m a bit mean; they are all scared of me (hard to believe), so I think they put up with me quite well. They just moved really well today, I think that was really our best performance this year so I give more credit to them because I was able to get open and get good shots.”

Q There isn’t a lot of high quality local basketball so how are you staying fit and developing your game?

“Are you trying to get all my secrets? There are a lot of local leagues that are running so I just try to play as many games as possible in the week. I then do individual stuff and our team trainings are pretty good also.”

Q Finally, what are your personal aspirations are you wanting to earn Tall Ferns selection later in the year?

“Yeah definitely. I think it is a national goal, we really want to get to the Olympics so hopefully I will be able to contribute to that – it’s one of my major goals.”

More performances like that won’t do any harm to Hunter’s chances of suiting up against the Australian Opals in August.

Hunter is one of the leading performers in the WBC this year averaging 20.5 points 4.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 2.8 steals per game.

The ACM Lady Hawks have a 3-3 record in the WBC having recorded wins against Capital Flyers 71-63, TeTai Tokerau Phoenix 68-42 and Waitakere Lady Rangers 70-50.

The games lost have been against Harbour Breeze 61-62, Nelson Sparks 44-50 and Waikato Wizards 53-65.

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