U15 & U17 Nationals Re-cap

Representative Season

Over the school holidays the U17 and U15 National Championships were held in Wellington and Dunedin respectively. All Waitakere (WWABi), Auckland (BA) and Counties Manukau (CMBB) teams represented their associations with pride and showed the other representative teams what they were made of.

U17 Boys and Girls Nationals - (ASB Sports Centre, Wellington)

The U17 Nationals were held in the first week of the school holidays. A total of 17 girl’s teams and 20 boy’s teams from all over New Zealand competed with each other over the four day tournament. The tournament was a great showcase of rising talent and players who have been involved in various New Zealand age group camps. Our U17 WWABi and CMBB teams competed hard and left everything on the court, which definitely made their respective coaches proud. A number of players representing ABSL made the all-tournament teams, which showed how much each training and all of their hard work paid off! Congratulations to all teams who represented ABSL, you have made everyone proud!

Final results and placings for our ABSL teams:

U17 CMBB Girls – 2nd place

U17 WWABi Girls – 9th place

U17 WWABi Boys – 4th place

U17 CMBB Boys – 8th place

Nationals All-Tournament Team inclusions:

Jada Manase – (U17 CMBB Girls)

Sharne Pupuke-Robati – (U17 CMBB Girls)

Jaga Mete-Smith – (U17 WWABi Boys)

U15 Boys and Girls Nationals – (Edgar Centre, Dunedin)

The U15 Nationals were held in the second week of the school holidays and a total of 18 girl’s teams and 19 boy’s teams competed to become National champions. It was a great tournament for all teams as players got to experience playing against top level competition. Going forward this will benefit their development as they go up through each representative level. With the horrible weather over the weekend, some games had to be cancelled. At the end of the day health and safety was the main priority. Our U15 BA, WWABi and CMBB teams performed really well and exceeded expectations. A number of ABSL players also made the all-tournament team which is a testament to how much hard work and time they have put into their respective teams


Final results and placings for our ABSL teams:

U15 BA Boys – 3rd  place

U15 WWABi Boys – 4th place

U15 CMBB Boys – 5th equal place w/Canterbury

U15 WWABi Girls – 2nd place

U15 CMBB Girls – 13th place

U15 BA Girls – 15th place

Nationals All-Tournament Team inclusions:

Odessa Lawson – (U15 WWABi Girls)

Kataleena Leslie – (U15 WWABi Girls)

Levi Jackson – (U15 CMBB Boys)

Sataan Tawera – (U15 BA Boys)

Dante Russo-Nance (U15 WWABi Boys)

A special thank you to all the parents, managers and coaches who helped out during the tournaments, without all of you none of this would be possible.

Congratulations again to all teams and to the players who made the all-tournament teams! Great effort!

Below is a video from NewsHub highlighting Basketball Auckland’s Levic Kerr during the U15 Nationals Competition. Make sure you check it out! Great things are happening within the ABSL space!


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