Profile Friday - Pafe Momoisea

The athletically gifted forward Pafe Momoisea has had a huge year with ACM Under 17 Boys, playing for Manurewa High School Pafe has had a very successful debut representative season learning the ins and outs of the game under coach Manu Hoque.

Pafe has been a newcomer to the representative scene in 2015 and has developed into a low post scorer and defensive threat to any team at Nationals, Still with a lot to learn Pafe has become a student of the game and continues to grow as a player. He will be moving on to under 19s in 2016 and will take everything he learnt from his coaches on to the next level.

Rebounding and setting screens is what Pafe claims are his strength and he has said that he needs to work on his finishing and dribbling. Pafe has a huge future ahead of him in basketball and says that his ultimate goal is to go and play in the States and become a better basketball player.

We hope that Pafe achieves his goals and cant wait to see what this young man develops into over the next offseason.

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