Profile Friday - Akita Papara

Akita is a Center that plays the ACM u15B in 2015, she was a huge asset to the team and was their key rebounder/Defender during the season, Akita is attending Epsom Girls Grammar School and is Year 9.

We chatted with Akita over the ACM Camp and asked her what some of her goals are for the season back in Feburary, She claimed that she wanted to learn more post moves and be an offensive threat, over the year she has developed a few nifty hookshots and power moves to create a shot for herself which is exactly what she set out to do, she also wanted to get fitter and fast which she has been chipping away at over the past 5 months.

Akita lists Steven Adams and the Oklahoma City Thunder as her favourite player and team but her favourite players to play with is Aria Todd-Pemerika due to the fact that Aria knows where to get her the ball and that she is always positive and great to chill out with.

Akita claims that both Tania Hunter and Angela Perrot-Hunt are her favourite coaches claiming that both coaches have great knowledge of the game and help her get to the next level.

Next year Akita will be moving up to the Under 17 age bracket and we wish her the best of luck with her growth as a player.

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