Mexicali Fresh Summer Jam Final

The Mexicali Fresh Summer Jam Final will be held this upcoming Tuesday 10 Feburary 2015 at the Auckland University Gymnasium.

6.30pm will see the 3-4 playoff between  Mai 88 Sixers & the Birdmen.

The Final will be held @ 8.00pm. The New Zealand Breakers Development Team V. SAVE YOUTHTOWN. 

Spectator admission is FREE

The NZ Breakers team consists of:

Tai Wynyard (Current NZ Breaker & University of Kentucky 2016, NZ Tall Black)

Duane Bailey (Current NZ Breaker)

Rueben Te Rangi (Current NZ Breaker)

Shea Ili (Current NZ Breaker) 

Yuat Alok (Current NZ Breaker)

Brad Anderson (Current NZ Breaker)

Jordan Ngatai (Current NZ Breaker)


Dillon Boucher (NZ Breaker & Tall Black Legend, current Supercity Ranger)

Derone Raukawa (Current Manawatu Jet)

Ana Haku (Current Hawkes Bay Hawk)

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