KiwiHoops Coaching Programme

Kiwi Hoops is the official national junior basketball programme of

New Zealand. It uses basketball activities and games to provide fun

and enjoyable learning and participation experiences for young people

from 5 to 13 years of age.

Kiwi Hoops is part of the Basketball New Zealand Player Development Programme. This long term player

development model is based on international best practice with the aim of developing all players to their

potential and fostering a lifelong love of the game.

The Kiwi Hoops programme is designed to be used in any setting including schools, basketball clubs

and associations, after school and holiday programmes.

It provides coaches, teachers, parents, volunteers and administrators with a systematic and consistent

approach to the development of players based on global best practice.

Most importantly, it is great fun for everyone!


• To provide a clear and consistent national framework for coaches, teachers, parents and volunteers

to use in developing players.

• To ensure that fundamental movement, sport, thinking and life skills are being introduced and

developed in a systematic and timely way.

• To ensure programmes are designed to be inclusive and allow everyone to develop towards their


• To provide age and stage competition to practice ratios that will allow our players the time to

develop the appropriate skills for their stage of development.

• To place a suitable level of emphasis on winning as required at each stage of development.


Research from around the world shows;

• Fun and enjoyment are the key drivers of children’s participation in sport.

• Children need to learn basic fundamental movement skills before they can master sport skills.

• Games and activities need to be based on the developmental age and stage of the children.

• Small sided games with modified equipment and rules provide more touches and opportunities.

• More time for training and practice help develop skill acquisition and technical ability.

• Early specialisation in sports and in positions should be avoided.

The five key principles of the Kiwi Hoops programme are based on this international research and

best practice.


ABSL will be looking at doing courses over October - November for both the Kiwihoops Coaches and Community Level coaches.

These sessions will involve both theory and practical sessions that will last for an hour and a half once a week for 3 sessions and will involve coaches being active and engaged with skills and drills.

More details and sign ups will be made available in the next few weeks

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