Auckland Women’s Basketball League

ABSL and Auckland Dream are overwhelmed with the response to the new Auckland Women's Basketball League. 

Played in the superb facilities provided by the Joyce Fisher Sports Centre at Epsom Girls Grammar School, the Saturday night league has proved a hit with Auckland's female basketball talent.

The league is giving the region's young talent a chance to prove themselves against some more experienced opposition, and having a regular weekly women’s competition has even coaxed a few semi-retired ballers back on to the court. 

The ABSL Women's League also gives the Auckland Dream coaches a chance to see local players in action over consecutive weeks, and aspiring WBC players get to show their ability in a quality competition to push for selection.

To witness some of the best female ballers in Auckland, come along and show your support!

For more information on the ABSL Women's Basketball League, contact Tania Hunter at: tania@absl.co.nz

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