3x3 Slam City Cup Results

Over the weekend the 3x3 Slam City Cup took place at The Trusts Stadium in Waitakere. Intermediate schools from all over Auckland and some from out of Auckland, such as Tauranga Intermediate and Kavanagh College came up and competed.  A boys and girls competition took place throughout the day and each team showcased a great amount of skill, as they only had 10 minutes each game to score as many points as possible.

Great music was played and prizes were given throughout the day, which created a fun experience for all the players. In the boy’s competition teams were divided into two pools (A&B), while the girl’s competed in one pool. The competition was based on a points system where a win would tally 3 points and a loss would tally 1 point. In order to make the semi-finals, two teams from each pool that had the most points during round robin play would go through and try to earn a spot in the final.

In the girl’s competition final Koromatua Intermediate faced off against Kavanagh. The game was intense as the score bounced back and forth. However, Kavanagh pulled away with the win and became the girls Slam City Cup champions. A great result for the team as teams from Kavanagh travelled all the way from Dunedin just to compete.

In the first boy’s competition semi-final, two Murrays Bays (1&2) teams faced each other. In the second semi-final Howick Intermediate played against Tauranga Intermediate in an attempt to book a place in the final. Each game was intense but in the end Murrays Bay 2 and Tauranga Intermediate won their semi-finals. Gutsy efforts from both semi-final losers who should be proud of how far they came in the competition.

The final between Murrays Bay 2 and Tauranga was a great one as the lead would change several times. Tauranga pulled away with a few minutes left on the clock but Murrays Bay 2 would not give in and came within one point of tying the game. In the end a few clutch baskets saw Tauranga Intermediate win the boys Slam City Cup Championship. This meant that two intermediate schools from out of Auckland won their respective competitions. A great achievement for both schools as they travelled a long way to come away victorious.

A special thanks to all coaches, players, volunteers and supporters who made the day enjoyable. Without you great people the competition would not have been a success.

Slam City Cup Results:

Girls Competition Grand Final:

Kavanagh 11-6 Koromatua

Boys Competition Semi-Finals:

Murrays Bay Intermediate (2) 16-13 Murrays Bay Intermediate (1)

Tauranga Intermediate 15-5 Howick Intermediate

Boys Competition Grand Final:

Tauranga 13-11 Murrays Bay 2 

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